Quad Exhaust Tips

Quad Exhaust Tips

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Quad Exhaust Tips
bodykit's and exhaust system's on a mercedes?

i have a 07 mercedes s550 and was thinking of getting a wald black bison bodykit for it, and maybe an exhaust system so i have a few questions...

1# can you fit a bodykit yourself with no experience? it would be fun but what tools do you need
2# how much to get someone to fit a bodykit for you
3# how much for a full exhaust system plus labour to make it sound better
4# can you fit just the quad exhaust tips (2 on each side) on its own just so it looks better?

thanks even if only one question is answered

1. I see that experience counts. Most body kits for Mercedes consist of new bumper covers front and rear and side skirts. Mounting them requires no real expertise.
2. There are things you have to careful with, but most body shops can handle the install. The biggest hurdle for the home builder is painting them to match with the right paint compound.
3. It is very hard to make a mercedes exhaust flow better. You can make it noisier, but most attempts I have seen are dismal failures. Try fitting S55 AMG components. They bolt on and they usually have quad tips.
4. See above.

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